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Porcel - Ind?stria Portuguesa de Porcelanas S.A., produces fine porcelain, giftware, and decorative acessories that position the company among an elite group of the best in the industry anywhere. Porcel begins by blending the rich regional heritage of Portuguese Porcelain artisanry with only the best and purest clay body materials imported from Limoges, France. Porcel's people, the company's greatest strength, achieve consistent excellence by combining state-of-the-art technology, inspired design, and the energetic work of a staff that from bottom to top commits to excellence in every aspect of serving their markets at home and around the world.

From the very first step through delivery of the finished product, the Porcel focus is on providing the highest quality products and services at a fair value to enable their costumers to be satisfied and successful. The designers' creativity delicately balances between idealism and practicality as they seek to meet the costumers' hopes, needs, wants, and aspirations. Porcel's artisans translate the designs into reality, crafting their pieces to be strong, accurate, precise, and detailed, and then packing them so they reach their destinations safely, with attention given even to the packing so it supports the total product experience of the buyer.

In the twenty one years since Porcel's founding, in 1987, in the heart of Portugal about 20Km from Aveiro, Portugal's "Venice of the Atlantic", the company has gained national and international recognition for the quality of its products and service, its approach to the challenges of design and innovation, and for its vision of the future. Not resting on the laurels of their considerable success, they always strive to achieve perfection in every piece, never being satisfied with less and always looking to improve.

The key to this never-ending process of improvement lies in management's deep understanding that Porcel offers much more than a product. The product is only the tangible link to a concept, a life-style, an inspiration... Each day attention goes to tracking the latest trends of the market as well as the evolving wishes and preferences of consumers. Despite the wide range of products that Porcel has available for its partners, they constantly invest more in R&D. They research and improved processes in ceramic technology, wanting to be more efficient, cleaner, and greener. A steady stream of new shapes, new decorations, and new packaging passes from the design staff to the production areas.

The Porcel R&D results go beyond the company's branded products as well. Under one roof, Porcel's expertise in designing, producing, and packaging fine porcelain tableware and decorative objects assists theis co-branding partners and third-party marketeers bring a wide variety of truly unique porcelain products to customers around the globe.

The global market increases each year in importance to Porcel. The company first proved it could succeed in a country having a centuries of porcelain-making tradition and multiple established current competitors - Portugal. Having achieved notable success in the Portuguese market, Porcel's business development strategy team raised their sights to encompass international markets.

Understanding that countries and cultures differed greatly from the home market, they set themselves the ambitious task of leveraging their strengths into foreign markets by applying the same kinds of market analysis and exceptional service of pieces tailor made to the specific international markets they wanted to enter. The results to date are increasingly positive, especially in recent years. A key component in reaching commercialization in non-Portuguese market, participating as exhibitors at trade fairs in other countries, such as Maison et Objet, in Paris, France and The TableTop Show, in New York, USA, among others. Porcel's international expansion efforts continue to produce growth in these countries as well as elsewhere through the work of distribution partners in places like Africa, South and Central America.

To create, produce and to trade porcelain solutions with excellence on the costumer's service, through competent and motivated staff, and with the envolvment of the remaining interested parties, having in mind the sustainability of the company.

Building a tradition of leadership in the design of solutions in porcelain.

Team Spirit

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